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Personal Trainer Bedford  and daring fitness exercise picturePaul - The Personal Trainer Bedford

you want to just lift weights or push machine levers for exercise as personal trainer Bedford - Daring Fitness is different to the conventional personal training. 

Also don't use me if you:

  • just like running for miles - short bursts of different movements, at a higher intensity, can do so much more.
  • want a young super-fit muscly trainer - I train my whole body and mind for various health improvements - not just for big muscles. 
  • just want to workout and not talk - exercise is only part of the equation. Lifestyle is also important for all health & fitness improvements. Not just what we eat, but how we sleep, feel and deal with stress can be just as important. I like to help with all aspects.
  • want a quick fix - results can fade as quickly as they came. We can definitely kick start your fitness but we have to find a way that is sustainable too - a way that you can continue with for life!

Developing mind/body connection

daring fitness with personal trainer Bedford is all about developing your mind/body connection to really feel what your body is doing and how it is doing it. When we really start to understand what is going on at a deeper level we can then not only get some great gains, but also let the exercise evolve into something that really works for you - meaningful on many different levels.

Then it can really begin to give many health benefits too.

A Personal Trainer Bedford and for London too!

I previously had a training room in central London, where i refined this unique fitness training. I now have a private gym in Bedford - plus offer home visits in Bedfordshire and London. 

Choose Me if....

you want to do something really special with your workout - special for your body and mind

or special gains as a result of focussed exercise.

These gains can be unique or straight forward, but do know that exercise really can be a powerful healer. 

What's Your Reason?

This is the first thing I will ask you - what is your reason to exercise. We all need a reason otherwise why would we do anything? 

Then I will be able to remind you of your reason - in those times when motivation may wane. During our sessions you may develop other reasons too.

One session or regular

One session can be enough to kick start a fitness plan for you at home, or you may want regular sessions, either way you also have the option of as much lifestyle help as you would like. 

Please feel free to contact me at the email address below with your requirements.

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