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Outside Naked Gym in BedfordThe Naked Gym in Bedford

The Naked Gym, a private gym for personal training sessions, in Bedford is nude in the sense it has limited equipment just a knowledgeable and exciting personal trainer! Ready to inspire you with some daring fitness! So simple - it is something you can always continue with at Home, to get some great health and fitness improvements in a really enjoyable way!

Exciting Bodyweight Workouts at the Naked Gym

Bodyweight workouts are great for encouraging the mind/body connection which helps you really get the most out of your training and really enjoy your body and how it functions. Tuning in to your body helps focus upon function and less about looks, but also makes the exercise very safe as you're listening to what our body is doing - to challenge it but in a controlled way. This is important as these imaginative workouts at the naked gym involve all sorts of movements in all sorts of ways which is better than machines that restrict the range of movement. These workouts are so effective and capable of giving you some great gains.

The Gym is bare - of equipment, just a few weights!

Different to Normal Gyms

If you don't like normal gyms, you should like the naked gym! It is a private gym for personal training sessions - but the training sessions are really different to normal. They can if you wish be conventional, but they can also be very different - using different just our body's for support, resistance or all sorts of movements - rewarding, capable of challenging all fitness levels and all ages in a safe effective but fun way. I'll aim to make it as enjoyable as I can for you - hopefully inspiring you to continue with a mini workout on your own at home - as that is the beauty of the naked gym - it teaches you the value of using just your body. Then you can enjoy doing it anywhere and the more you do it the quicker results. If I do my job right you'll be inspired to build exercise into your everyday life.

A Mind/Body Connection

The main benefit of a personal training session at the naked gym has to be how the lack of distractions from others and equipment allows total focus upon your body. We can then develop this mind/body connection further for some great benefits for not just your body but your mind too. 

or conventional

If you'd like to find out more about a personal training session with me at the Naked Gym in Bedford you can contact me here. 

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