London Personal Training | Daring Fitness For All Parts of You

Bodyweight Exercise can be fun,

relaxing or extremely challenging

London Personal Training for some Daring Fitness aims or methods. Daring can mean either fun or challenging methods, combined with conventional or specialist aims for all parts of you. Dare you try?

We need no equipment (but if you have some we can always use it)

for a daringFitness session at your

Home,  Work . or Hotel

developing your mind/body connection for seriously exciting time out for you.

Unconventional fitness in London

Vituvian Man Style Image 3 to convey holistic training.

What's Your Daring?

Would You Like a Daring Training Ain...

⇠Health Condition

⇠Fast Results

⇠Face Training (for a natural lift and fill!)

↖︎Erection Training (overcome erection problems - no erection needed we are training bod systems that contribute to the erection process))

Or a Daring training method...

⇠Challenging & pushed to your limits

⇠Ultimate enjoyment

⇠Joint exercises - trusting & testing each other's body

⇠ Everything Unconventional - make it up as we go along - see what you're capable of.

London Personal Training House Calls


I'm regularly in London, hand can visit you in your home, place of work or hotel. The training methods I use need no equipment and little space. This allows total focus upon your body and relaxing your mind. 


7am til 9pm 7 days a week!

just let me know what suits you.  

How Long

A 90 minute session is often the best length of time to achieve the most from your your daring fitness session. We may not be exercising the whole time - each session is individual to your needs. We may be gently working on increasing your flexibility, relaxing you with different options or giving lifestyle help. There are many aspects to this personal training in London, it can be all exercise based - but it can equally involve many other aspects/therapy that can sometimes be needed to strengthen other parts of you! This fitness is all about muscles and running - it is as much focussed on improving health conditions or even how you feel. 

Cost for London Visits

Cost for London Personal Training with all the daring fitness options is £100. This cost reflects the work that I put into every case to ensure you get what you want. Once you have told me what it is you want and your location I can confirm this cost.

Contact Me Here About London Personal Training

or any questions you have about daringFitness.

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