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Every Session: I ask You for one Aim

(enjoyment or achievement)

Knowing a bit about Bedford Trainer will help you decide if this personal training is too daring for you...


is less about how our body's look

and is more about body function

....that is what can make us truly happy

developing your mind/body connection for seriously exciting time out for you.

Worship Your Body!

Bedford Trainer for All Parts of You


Sustainable Fitness is the best fitness as when you stop - any gains will just fade away.

Daring fitness is all about getting such a unique and training aim that gives a great sense of achievement that you really want to maintain for the rest of your life.

Daring Fitness can also be about getting conventional training aims in a daringly way that is enjoyable - either by being extremely challenging or great fun and relaxing.

If it either gives you

a great sense of achievement

or is something that you enjoy doing

....then you will want to do it forever, and stay in great health or shape forever too!

More than just a fitness trainer

I don't just....

strengthen/build muscles,

fat reduction

and general fitness.

I do so much more, but you can see me for any of the above but be warned i do i like to do it a bit less conventionally either by pushing you (safely) to the limit or with the exact opposite - making it really relaxing, fun or enlightening.

About the different Bedford Trainer

Bedford trainer - Paul Harper

I've always been a bit different - never have done the normal. Wish I could be more normal as life would be so much simpler. But I do enjoy my job now - I didn't enjoy nursing, as everything had to be done properly which is totally right - the last thing you need is a daring nurse - especially in the OD. Years of suppressing my individuality has led to this daring fitness! i did not set out to be a daring Bedford trainer! It has gradually evolved. I'll just tell you about two aspects so that you gain an idea as I don't want to bore you - this all about you but it will give you an understanding of what you can expect.

I have picked two of the more unconventional training aims as this tells you a bit about me..

1.Why did I start Erection Training?

My early personal training specialism was for diabetes. One complication of which there can be many is erection problems and so I began developing a whole programme to help all aspects including the physical and psychological. I train many men now - some have diabetes some not. What I have learnt is how men of any age can have problems which also at any age can be overcome. The great thing about this training is how in the pursuit of improving erection quality health and fitness are also improved.  This is high quality professional health & fitness training. If I feel I cannot help in any way - I will tell you. Please also be aware that this training whilst very specialist involves training your whole body and mind, plus a few specific pelvic floor muscles. We are training your body to give you stronger erections in the future - no erection is needed for any part of this training. 

2. Why did I start face training

This is self taught by practicing upon my own face to try and not look so old. I did not want to just train my body to have a better shape and look more youthful, I wanted my face to look as youthful as possible. I just don't want to get old, I have always had a problem with this - I think my job also feeds as generally who wants an old decrepit personal trainer? Our face is made up of many muscles. All muscles in our body deteriorate with age (after about 40 this gets worse!) and our facial muscles no different. They can be tricky to strengthen, but for me do give the greatest sense of achievement. I have to admit I put as much effort into my face as the rest of my body!

I am not professing to be an expert here, but I have had success with a few clients and employ exactly the same safe, but effective methods to strengthen these muscles a s all muscles in the body. Plus it is not all about exercise, but stress management and lifestyle are as big a contributor. i do all of them - to give my skin and face the very best chance. It's a great reason for a good lifestyle. i never want to preach, so if you ask me I'll tell you, but will not force any aspect upon you as that's the quickest way to not get results. You have to want to do it!

Contact the Bedford Trainer

If you'd like to find out more about personal training with me, just tell me a bit about yourself and what you'd like to achieve or if you have any questions please feel free to ask away.

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