Bedford Personal Training for any part of You

Health - Fitness - Enjoyment

Tell me what you want to get out of your session and I'll try my best!

Daring fitness with Bedford Personal Training is for any part of your body and health you want improving. Challenging or fun to gain conventional or special aim

In a Bedford Personal Training Session...

  • We'll set Your Fitness Aims

(Daring or Conventional)

  • Your fitness method

Adventurous, Challenging, Fun or Relaxing

I'll inspire you to keep up you workout either on your own at home or regularly with me.

more details

Vituvian Man Style Image 2 to convey whole body (& mind) training

Your Session

A Chat About You - and what you want today. (This can change from day to day so this ensures every session is geared to what you need at any given time)

Your chosen Workout/Therapy begins - progressively more

  • fun 
  • challenging
  • or enlightening

Breaks as needed to discuss training, lifestyle or anything you want

Wind down with stretching, breathing technique, mindfulness or a cup of coffee!

Why is it Daring Fitness?

Men can be scared to ask for erection training or face training! Just talking about it can for some be daring enough - actually doing them is another level!

Ladies tend to just ask for face training and pelvic floor exercises but their daring can be the exercise methods.

How Long

As long or short as you want.

A 90 minute session is often the best length of time to achieve the most from your your daring fitness session. We may not be exercising the whole time - each session is individual to your needs. We may be gently working on increasing your flexibility, relaxing you with different options or giving lifestyle help. There are many aspects to this personal training in London, it can be all exercise based - but it can equally involve many other aspects/therapy that can sometimes be needed to strengthen other parts of you! This fitness is all about muscles and running - it is as much focussed on improving health conditions or even how you feel. 


Private Gym just on the outskirts of Bedford close to A421, linking to A1 & M1. Bedford train station 3 miles (fast train to London 40 mins)

Training Methods







Free weights

Resistance Bands

Exercise Ball

Boxing (done very unconventionally)




Mind/Body Connection


Off Road Parking

Toilet & Shower



Tea & Coffee, Cold Drinks


 1 hour Power 

Power through the hour to get your training aim!

Choose challenging, relaxing or fun.

 Single session: £60 (£50 for pre-payment)

 5 prepaid sessions £200

 90 min Intensive 

One and a half hours to focus upon getting your training aim.

Great for health conditions (time to focus) or to get fitness results fast.

 Single session: £70 (£60 for pre-payment)

 5 prepaid sessions £250

If You are interested in a Session

Just contact me to enquire about a Daring Fitness Session! I'll then maybe have a few questions about your training aim and whether it be for health or fitness - find out a bit about your current fitness level. But if you'd rather leave until the day, that's no problem.

Deposit or Prepayment

Once your session is booked - I make the rest of my plans around your booking, and so I need to take a £15 deposit to ensure that you are serious about having me train you. I then commit to your session and begin making plans to ensure that you have an enjoyable and effective workout where you'll have my undivided attention!

You can then look forward to an exciting health & fitness session where we can focus upon nothing else but you and your body to start getting the aims you'd like.  Always remember the power of your body to grow stronger if stimulated in the right way - which is the aim of our time together, plus hopefully some pleasant stimulation for your mind too!

Your Session

Turn up for your session - option of welcome drink and chat to find out what you really want to get from your time with me. This can be serious exercise for health and fitness gains or it can be an enjoyable, fun and imaginative workout to give you time to discover your body. The emphasis is upon your mind/body connection to look after every aspect of you and how you function - this helps us all improve not just our sense of self but great for that inner confidence too! Sometimes the chats during your session can be as valuable as the exercise  - you may just like to exercise and that's fine, but if you want to talk about how a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed or anything else then please do. Find out more about the daring methods or daring training aims - if you dare.....

Enquire About a Bedford Personal Training Session

or ask a question about this Personal Training?

When you arrive for your session - we'll have a quick chat about you, what you'd like to achieve and how. Communications before your session help me to plan our time together, however this changes as the session progresses to give a dynamic training session totally suited to you - and what you want to get out of your session. 

I will be asking you about both your current and historical health & fitness, plus what you'd like to get from your session. You don't have to tell me what you think I may want to hear - tell me exactly what you'd like to gain. 


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