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Bedford Personal Trainer with the most unique training aims you'll find anywhere plus exciting workouts you'll love to do more often give greater results.


  • A daringTraining Aim 

such as health condition to improve, overcoming erection problems or looking younger...

  • A daring training method 

Date to develop your mind/body connection or push yourself with an energy from within you.

!00% Natural & Sustainable 

developing your mind/body connection for seriously exciting time out for you.

For Every Part of You 

Vituvian Man Style Image 1 to convey whole body (& mind) training Less Vitruvian Man - more Bedford Personal Trainer!

Daring or conventional? 

Choose a daring training aim such as..

Improving a health condition. You may ask why is this daring? Because it may take some daring determination but the rewards may be immense.

Or a daring training method such as...

Joint bodyweight exercise that takes you out of your comfort zone needing trust in your body. Great for developing mind/body connection.

Why is it Daring Fitness?

Men can be scared to ask for erection training or face training! Just talking about it can for some be daring enough - actually training to improve them is another level!

Ladies tend to just ask for face training and pelvic floor exercises - so daringFitness may be the exercise methods - either pushing to the limit or developing mind/body connection further.

Daring Training Aims

Training Aims can be literally for any part of your body. I specialise in helping men overcome erection problems (through strengthening the physical and psychological aspects that contribute to the erection process). That gives you an idea of the unique training I can get you, but something that can be even more daring is face training! It can be a very odd thing to do with someone, but like any other part - is made up of muscles that all can be strengthened, plumped up and invigorated! Here's the thing - I train ladies in this - they just ask, but no man has asked. I wonder if it is because they're not interested or possibly dare not ask! I'll grant you it's not the most macho thing to be doing, but I'll admit I do it, and honestly I'd look 10 years older if I didn't. I do have before and after pictures that I may put up at some stage - if I pluck up the courage!

Daring Methods

The more unconventional the bodyweight exercises get - the better as it involves your body in a whole range of movement helping ensure strength and flexibility in a whole range of positions - not limited by machine movement. Plus the focus upon your body is greater with no machine settings to worry about you can develop your mind body connection into something that can be really wonderful. Listen to your body and see what it tells you. Allow it to communicate with you. When you're tuned in it's amazing just how your body will thrive and you may well experience new feelings. if all this sounds a bit odd - don't worry once you have your first session it will all make perfect sense!

What Will Your Challenge Be?

It would be good if you had a daring challenge - to excite you or just inspire you to exercise. Or have a daring unconventional health or fitness aim that would be great to achieve. What will yours be? Just to reassure you this is totally safe and effective - I was a nurse working in a variety of disciplines with doctors, so i have the medical knowledge to back this up. Never underestimate the power of exercise to heal and strengthen!

Please feel free to tell me what you are thinking you'd like to try - whatever it is and I'll see if I can come up with some options for you. Or tell me a bit about yourself and what you'd like to aim for and the daring Bedford personal trainer can hopefully inspire!  A bit about how the Bedford Personal Trainer can help inspire you to achieve some unique training aims in an exciting way!

Where are you - A Daring Session with the Bedford Personal Trainer?


Bedford Gym - Soft floor for bodyweight exercise - Hard for Free Weights

You'll notice in the Gym there is equal amounts of soft floor area and hard floor. One area is for the conventional weights - the other is for less conventional bodyweight exercise. This is where you can choose to get more daring - by using just your body or both our body's in all sorts of movement and positions to get some great fitness benefits in an exciting way.

Working out of a Private Bedford Gym gives many options

Bedford Personal Trainer - Bedford Gym (Close to A421,  A!, M!) Train station 3 miles.

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Whilst there are more opportunities at my gym in Bedford daring training Aims and methods need no equipment meaning I can visit you if preferred, though I do have to charge for travelling expenses. .

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Nearly all  the same Daring Fitness options can be enjoyed with a House Call:

London, Herts, Beds, Bucks Cambridge & Northants

This is daring training with unconventional training aims you're unlikely to get anywhere else. 


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