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Daring Fitness is where Medical knowledge meets Specialist Personal Training to get you great gains for your whole body and mind.

  Enlightening training awaits you!

Bedford personal trainer demonstrating daringFitnessAn exercise with some surprising benefits. daringFitness with Bedford Trainer.

Daring Training Aims!

Specifically devised exercise has power to heal or manage many health conditions - takes a daring person to have a go - but put the work in - and you'll get the healing result!

Daring Methods

Push yourself to the limit in an imaginative challenging bodyweight workout or calmly connect to your body in a deeper way. Both give great results depending upon what you want to achieve.

developing your mind/body connection for seriously exciting time out for you.

daring Fitness to Reach all Parts

Vituvian Man Style Image 1 to convey whole body (& mind) training

Specific Exercise....

⇠underpinned from career in NHS (cardiac, diabetes and orthopaedic care) 

`⇠ last 10 years developed in specialist fitness training

⇠evolved to get you some unique training aims that quite possibly no one else can give you!

This is high class, professional fitness training, I never give false hope, but if I can help you I'll tell you!

....Capable of Improving....

Anxiety, Depression 

Face - Lift and fill!


Erection Problems - can be overcome!

Body Shape, Strength

Body Fat reduction 

Type 2 Diabetes

Fitness, Blood Pressure, Heart

Body Confidence

Stimulate your body to grow stronger or heal.

All these and lots more - through Exercise, What You Eat, Lifestyle & Different therapies.

 - - All Safe - - All Natural --

More About Conventional & Daring Fitness Aims

⇠ Anxiety, Depression 

 Face - A Lift and fill!

⇠ Youthfulness 

 Fitness, Blood Pressure, Heart

⇠ Body Shape, Strength

⇠ Body Fat reduction 

⇠ Type 2 Diabetes

⇠ Erection Problems - can be overcome!

Body Confidence

all these and lots more - through Exercise, What You Eat, Lifestyle & Different therapies.

 - - All Safe - - All Natural --

More About Conventional & Daring Fitness Aims

Why daring Fitness Gets Great Results

This is specialist personal training that's evolved over the years as i help people of all ages either manage a health condition, attain their fitness goals or desired body shape. It takes a bit of work but that's also the great thing about daring fitness - not only are the aims daring - the methods are too....

Daring Methods

Who says fitness has to be boring. The more exciting it is the more you'll want to enjoy it. I aim to inspire you to either do it more with me as a regular fitness thing - where I get to know you, your body and how I can best help you feel and look good or inspire you to do it at home on your own more. Making it exciting really is the key.

This is not for everyone

Or you may want less excitement and more enlightenment - where you really can develop your mind/body connection to a deeper level. This can take practice, but it's a very powerful and effective way to train and get some fantastic benefits.for your fitness and especially for your health.

What Makes this workout exciting?

It's very individual and as i don't yet know you is tricky to answer, but once I do I'll aim to give you more of what helps to inspire you. It may be challenging you with various targets or it may be the opposite and having a fun time with lots of moves that don't feel like exercise which has the added option of me joining in to make it more of a game.

An exercise Adventure Awaits

This really can be a great adventure for you where you can enjoy some time for you and enjoy achieving some great health & fitness aims. You probably deserve it so if you'd like to make the most of that wonderful body of yours then I'd be pleased to help you, whatever your aims. 

All about you..

Bedford Personal Trainer Paul HarperPaul The Daring Fitness Coach!

But i realise you need to have confidence in my ability to help you, so here's a bit about me..

I like to think i can help with most aspects oh improving health & fitness, that's what my whole career has been about - both in the NHS and private hospitals - working closely with doctors to help improve health outcomes. Then wanting to prevent rather than cure I specialised in fitness training focussing upon its power to heal and make us get the most out of our life. The barrier seemed to be people's reluctance to do it - knowing it's good and should be done, doesn't mean everyone will do it. Daring fitness has evolved to make it enjoyable - being slightly daring to inspire you to become passionate about looking after your body & mind.

It's a powerful feeling!

A bit more about   how Daring Fitness can help you 


Specialist Personal Training combing Medical & Fitness knowledge to strengthen your body with optimum exercise and lifestyle change.

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